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About Us

Macdonald DesignFormed in 1985, Macdonald Design is a multi-faceted Design and Project Management Company who are able to offer the complete range of Professional Services without over burdening the project with a plethora of individual fees.

Each project will be allocated a Designer / Project Manager who will call upon the services of our Q.S, Structural Engineer, Mechanical Services Consultants, Surveyors and Graphic Designers when and if required. The single ‘one stop’ approach ensures that our clients can work through the whole project with one individual rather than be stuck between a gaggle of consultants and contractors.

We prefer to take full responsibility for each project believing in the principle that although we have to work harder in the short-term we save hugely on time and difficulty when the project goes live and that it increases our overall efficiency. Decisions are made which are based upon a complete knowledge of the project rather than upon isolated pieces of the jigsaw.


Our services cover the following sectors:

  • * Residential
  • * Restaurants and Catering
  • * Sports and Leisure
  • * Public service



Macdonald Design
182 Brighton Road