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Flooring Sales gets a facelift

Flooring Sales Ltd, a leading timber flooring company, have launched designs for their new trade counter to be built towards the end of 2012 and open shortly after. Macdonald Design have designed the new showroom which will display and sell Flooring Sales’ various products.

Macdonald Design were approached by Flooring Sales Ltd (based in Chessington, Surrey) in August 2012 to design a new trade counter for new and existing clients and office space for their staff. Currently all of this is housed in a very small area that struggles to both sell to new customers and provide the necessary space for their existing staff to work progressively. Moreover, the factory that stores their products is located on an adjacent building which again makes the selling process inefficient.

Macdonald Design were asked to design a new trade counter that would be built off the factory with offices sited in the floor above. As you can see from the visuals that have been produced, a new trade counter has been incorporated which opens out into the factory for the staff. This is accompanied by new display boards which will store the various timber products on offer on a pull-out system which is designed to better sell the products they have to their customers. Shelving in the recess to the back of the counter will also display their products as will the company brochures placed on the tables to the left of the showroom as you walk in. This new trade counter will enable Flooring Sales to sell their products in a far quicker and efficient way.

Flooring Sales Case Study 

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