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French squad train at Lindab building during EURO 2012

Due to a violent thunderstorm, the French National football team conducted its first training session for Euro 2012 on Thursday 07/06/12 under the cover of a Lindab building. Macdonald Design have agreed a strategic partnership with GRH Structures, who are a partner of Lindab, to help design similar sports buildings across the UK. For more details on this new partnership, please click here.

The deluge that hit the training centre of the ultra-modern Shaktar Donetsk facilities, led the French team to improvise and take refuge in an indoor pitch with synthetic grass for their first session on the Ukrainain ground. Lindab built this indoor football pitch for Dynamo Kiev. Within 118 days a 72m clear span building with a height of 19m at the peak was constructed, providing the ideal conditions for a full sized indoor football pitch. Under the recommendation of Dynamo Kiev, the Dnepropetrovsk football club placed an order for a similar building.

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