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Heathcoat – National Trust Approval

HEATHCOAT-ROOF-DESIGNHeathcoat C.C. New Pavilion secures National Trust approval

The new proposed pavilion project at Hampton Hill C.C. has now secured approval from the National Trust Panel. The exhaustive process involved in preparing for the Panel has involved months of close negotiations with their architects and consultants to produce a detailed design with supporting information that was in keeping with the National Trust site and its surroundings.

Special mention was made to the design merit and withstanding a minor disagreement over the roof finish, the design was overwhelmingly approved. A very positive outcome especially when considering the fact that the previous design submitted in 2008 was rejected outright.

The planning application for the project has now been submitted and this is expected to be viewed favourably by the Local Planning Authority following their involvement in the design process and general approval of the initial plans.

View the HEATHCOAT C.C. Project

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