Macdonald Design were approached by the client in the summer of 2012 to demolish the existing bungalow and replace with a very eco-friendly sustainable property. The client were extremely keen to live in a very well insulated yet highly glazed property that would benefit from the flexible roof designs that prefabricated building techniques such as SIPs and similar would offer.

The design process has been flexible throughout the procurement process as different companies were sought after to provide their recommendations and costs to the prefabricated element. The client was just as keen to understand the individual energy performance of each product as well as design capabilities and cost before making a firm commitment. This was extremely understandable considering the personal financial outlay and commitment a project of this type requires. After a prolonged procurement process a final design and budget was agreed. 

Elevations and Details

The house contains four bedrooms, an entry hall, a study, a utility space, a family bathroom and an open plan kitchen/living/dining space that is open to the roof which will create a beautifully vaulted space with plenty of natural light that looks onto the expansive rear garden. Treeco’s wall and roof composition are extremely strong which allows for a complex roof structure that traditional masonry construction would not be able to produce.

Macdonald Design will be updating their project diary on a regular basis with photos and videos. These can be found on their facebook photo log.