Honeysuckle Grand Designs


logo for sign 2In October 2012, Macdonald Design were commissioned by a client living at Honeysuckle Chart, Chaldon, Surrey to deliver a sustainable new build scheme to  suit their very exciting “Honeysuckle Grand Designs” brief.

Following thorough consultation with our client and the local planning department we have agreed upon the design show-cased above which will be submitted to planning in Easter 2013.

Honeysuckle Grand Designs – The Mission

To replace the recently purchased property with a new contemporary, energy-efficient, eco-friendly bungalow that will open out into the surrounding expanse of leafy Surrey.

Honeysuckle Grand Designs – The Concept

The new one and a half storey scheme features a new aluminium entrance door opening into a heavily glazed entrance hall. The bungalow caters for all the family with four bedrooms, a family bathroom and en-suite adjoining the master bedroom. The luxurious open plan living, dining and kitchen design gives the impression of endless space, opening gloriously onto the extensive garden through the triple glazed aluminium sliding doors.

From an energy-efficient perspective, PV panels have been incorporated into the roof structure to keep energy bills to a minimum. This is further enhanced by the use of SIPs throughout the composition of the design. These structurally insulated panels allow for incredible heat retention through their inherent insulative qualities, resulting in the bungalow’s attainment of Code 5 standards in terms of both insulation and energy efficiency.  Deploying SIPS in the construction of the building also extends the potential range of design possibilities, bringing with it the associated aesthetic benefits of that breadth of choice. Their loadbearing qualities allow for more complex roof structures compared to the more traditional “bricks and mortar” construction method. We have optimised this structural benefit throughout the scheme by opening into the dining room space allowing for higher ceilings. The combination of this additional height and the recurring use of glazing will create a feeling of openness and a closer affinity with the natural environment it opens out onto.

At the behest of our client, we have also incorporated a balcony space into the design that is accessible through the main hall. This allows for idyllic views onto the back garden and nearby landscape, maximising the important visual opportunities created by the building’s geographical context.

Honeysuckle Grand Designs – Development

The house is due to undergo the planning consultation process in the near future with our client keen to begin work later this summer, planning permission permitting. The visuals above illustrate the concept behind the bungalow and give an indication as to how the property will look upon completion.