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Macdonald Design at the Olympics – London 2012

Macdonald Design at the London 2012 Olympic StadiumThe London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics have been an outstanding success, portraying Britain at it’s absolute best. Macdonald Design are proud to publish details of the role that we had in the design of the food and drink concessions for the public in the Olympic North Park which include, notably, the prestigious Champagne and Seafood Bar.

At the end of 2011 Macdonald Design were approached by our commercial partners, Aguila Solutions, to take on the design element under their name for a major design-build contract in the Olympic North Park for London 2012. They were tendering to fit the food and drink concession units for the public, working for Amadeus Food.

Following a successful tender, Macdonald Design worked with Aguila to finalise the construction design on over 70 food and drink concessions that would serve the public in areas surrounding the Basketball, Hockey, Velodrome, Handball and Eton Manor venues. The work involved weekly design meetings with Amadeus producing visuals and drawings to help illustrate how these concessions would look and operate in order to achieve maximum throughput and revenue on every day of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

The two key concessions were the Champagne & Seafood Bar and Brasserie Restaurant which required particular design input from ourselves as the layouts were fairly open-ended when we were first commissioned. Following a detailed brief, the visuals we then produced were crucial in the development of the finalised design.  Once the designs were approved, Aguila completed the construction element of the project from April until just before the opening ceremony. The photos above show the finished restaurant and champagne bar being enjoyed by some of the thousands of park-goers that will be in the North Park during the Olympic and Paraolympic period.

More visuals and photos on our Olympics – London 2012 case study 

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