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‘The Portal’ is launched at Macdonald Design

‘The Portal’

We are proud to announce the opening of ‘The Portal’, the new interactive 3D engine and visualisation room that helps illustrate our designs and concepts in a truly unique way. The 3D software is displayed on our large screen as our team zoom around the built up design. The 3D is designed exactly to scale and allows our clients to see step into the future of their new building and consequently, make decisions quickly.

Hampton Hill CC’s committee were the first to test ‘The Portal’ yesterday as our 3D technician Carl Pringle flew around their proposed clubroom. The 3D software can be changed upon request to show the effects of lighting, night or shading from any time of day or year and is a truly interactive process. The clear advantage this offers our clients is the ability to make decisions far quicker and avoid those last minute changes of mind on site which have a huge impact on cost and programme. Whilst in ‘The Portal’ the committee were able to review different flooring, wall colours, lighting layouts and more to help finalise the look and feel of the space.

To find out more about ‘The Portal’ then please contact Macdonald Design.

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